Domestic Violence: Why You Need A Specialized Criminal Defense Attorney

10 May 2017
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Those accused of committing a dangerous or abusive act against someone they live with, a partner or relative, or an individual in his or her care can be charged with domestic violence. This charge encompasses many incidents of violence, including physical abuse, stalking, kidnapping, rape, and more. If you have been accused of domestic violence, it is crucial that you work with a reputable criminal defense attorney in order to help ensure you are fairly represented in court. The following are some aspects of domestic violence you must be aware of:

Who Can Be Charged With Domestic Violence?

No one is immune from the law, so domestic violence charges can be pressed against anyone, man or woman. Children can also be charged with domestic violence in some cases based on the age of the child, the crime, and the circumstances of the charge. Guilty verdicts can result in jail time, especially in nefarious acts like forcible rape or beating someone almost to death. Outcomes will vary based on the evidence provided, but guilty verdicts will typically end with some form of jail time.

What Is The Benefit Of A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Those charged with domestic violence would benefit more from a specialized criminal defense attorney rather than a generalist, as charges of domestic violence are significant and can land the accused in jail for years. The experience of a criminal attorney is crucial. They will know whether or not the plaintiff is exaggerating the crime or if the victim is being accusatory of the wrong person. However, if the accused is truly guilty of the crime, a criminal defense attorney can sometimes work with the legal team and the judge to secure a plea bargain to help reduce the sentence.

When it comes to getting into a domestic situation, one of the best ways to avoid any legal trouble is to contain the problem as best as possible. It is critical to get out of a situation if you feel it is escalating. While you may have no intention of hurting anyone, dangerous things can happen once you lose control of your emotions. The next thing you know, you have landed in court with serious charges pressed against you that can land you in jail. If you are accused of domestic violence, you need to hire a qualified, specialized criminal defense attorney to help you with the process.