How To Get A Hardship License After A DUI

30 June 2019
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One of the consequences you face after a DUI charge is the loss of your driver's license. It is very common for a court to suspend a person's driver's license after a DUI and having a suspended license could create a whole plethora of additional problems in your life. If you are facing the potential to have your driving privileges suspended, you should consider applying for a hardship license. What is a hardship license? Read More 

Understanding Shared Fault In Accidents

12 April 2019
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Many accident situations present a clear picture of fault. It's pretty obvious, for example, when you get rear-ended while stopped at a red light who was at fault. Unfortunately, fault can be shared by the other driver in some cases and that can really complicate matters. Read on to find out about comparative fault in auto accidents. Comparative Fault This type of shared fault is all about the percentages. On busy roads, drivers have numerous opportunities to make mistakes. Read More