How To Get A Hardship License After A DUI

30 June 2019
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One of the consequences you face after a DUI charge is the loss of your driver's license. It is very common for a court to suspend a person's driver's license after a DUI and having a suspended license could create a whole plethora of additional problems in your life. If you are facing the potential to have your driving privileges suspended, you should consider applying for a hardship license.

What is a hardship license?

A hardship license is a unique type of driver's license that allows a person to drive only to and from certain places. A hardship license is often called an occupational license or a restricted license, and all of these names refer to the same type of license. If you can get one of these, you will not be stuck relying on someone else bringing you everywhere. Instead, you will legally have the right to drive to work and back and to other types of places, such as doctor appointments, meetings, and places your kids need to go. Before you can go anywhere with it, though, you will need to get the places approved.

How do you get one?

Typically, getting a hardship license requires applying for one through the DMV or through the court. You will have a better chance of getting approved if this is your first major offense and if you have no other criminal history in your past. It is also important to know that it is easier to get one if you hire a DUI attorney to assist you with the process, simply because lawyers know the steps to take to get one.

What effects will this license have?

It is important to know that getting a hardship license might cause an increase in your auto insurance rates, simply because a person with a hardship license is considered a high-risk driver. It is also important to know that you can get a hardship license revoked if you break any of the rules. For example, if you drive to a place that was not approved on your list, you could get the license revoked from doing this if you are caught. It is very important to follow the rules if you want to keep these privileges.

If you need a hardship license after a DUI, you should contact a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer can help you with you apply for a hardship license and can also help you with your DUI case.