What You Should Know If You Believe You Have Been A Victim Of Sexual Assault

20 December 2017
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One of the most difficult things that you may find yourself having to deal with in your life is the issue of sexual assault or harassment. If you believe that you have recently been the victim of sexual assault, you might feel lost and wonder what, if anything you can do about the situation. It is important that you get to know some of the steps to take and facts to be aware of when you are dealing with sexual assault issues so you can protect yourself and do everything you can to handle the situation as well as possible. 

Go to a Hospital If Necessary

When you believe you have been sexually assaulted, depending on the nature of the assault, one of the first steps that you will want to take is to go to a hospital and seek out medical care. Any physical evidence that can be collected regarding the incident will help a case that you might want to bring against your assailant and needs to be collected and documented sooner rather than later.

While you may feel embarrassed going to the hospital, it is important that you protect and take care of your health after an assault. There are risks of disease, and you may have sustained an injury that needs to be attended to by a doctor.

Contact the Police and File a Report

Another difficult but necessary step to take after you believe you have been the victim of sexual assault is to contact the authorities. If you want to make sure that your assailant is held accountable for what they did to you and to try to protect others from experiencing the same traumas you have, you have to file a police report and try to press charges against the person. 

Find a Sex Crimes Attorney

It can be scary to think about going to the police and filing a report about your assault on your own. And the idea of going through the process of pursuing charges against your attacker can be even more frightening. Because of this, is important to find yourself a sex crimes attorney that can help provide you with assistance and support as you go through this difficult process.

Look for an attorney that specializes in these types of crimes and cases so they can know all of the rules and regulations regarding the type of case you will be filing. This will give you the best chance at successfully winning either a criminal or civil case against your assailant. 

With these steps in mind, you can be sure that you are doing everything you can to deal with your situation as well as possible.