Were You Assaulted By A Close Friend Or Partner? What To Do Now

17 April 2018
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If you were assaulted by a friend or partner and you don't know who you can trust for help, the first person you want to reach out to is a domestic violence attorney. You want to meet with a professional that can start working on your case, and filing the necessary paperwork to have a judge grant you protection. You need to get a restraining order, no contact order, or you may want to start taking other action as well against this person. Here are some of the things to keep in mind as you start to seek legal representation and as you try to stay safe.

Protect Your Evidence

The evidence that you have about the assault could be anything from photos of the bodily harm, to reports from the hospital where you had to be treated for your injuries. Witness accounts and statements may also be evidence that you can use. Make sure that you protect it because the evidence is necessary if you want to press charges, or get the protection you need.

Don't Spread the Word

You want to handle things quickly and get the protection you need without the assaulter finding out. Don't go around talking to all of your friends or casual acquaintances, and don't post anything on social media about the incident. Even sending email information to others could be a risk. Instead, take your evidence straight to your lawyer, so your lawyer can get the paperwork filed without any delays.

You also don't want the assaulter to come after you again because they know you are considering filing a restraining order or pressing charges. Only tell who you need to, so that you can stay as safe as possible and so that the criminal doesn't try to retaliate against you.

Stay Safe

If you are worried about staying alone or your own safety, it's important to get help from your friends or family. Have someone stay with you or choose to stay somewhere else. You may even want to get rides places so you don't have to leave your vehicle empty in a parking lot, or if you are scared to be on the road alone.

The sooner you find a lawyer, the sooner the paperwork can get put in motion. If you are afraid that the person that assaulted you is going to continue to do so, or that they will come back to harm you again because they are afraid of what you will do, find a lawyer fast and let the lawyer know you are in fear of your safety.