Your Likelihood Of Getting A Limited Driving Permit After A DUI Arrest Is Less In These Situations

5 December 2018
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Having the authorities take away your driver's license at the time of a DUI arrest can be challenging for most people. While you might get the license reinstated in the event of your DUI charge getting dismissed or you going to court and being found not guilty, the reality is that it may be several weeks or longer until this happens. This can leave you struggling to get around in the meantime, so you might want to discuss a limited driving permit with your attorney. DUI attorneys can help their clients to apply for this permit, but several factors are at play. Don't expect a successful application in these situations.

You Don't Have A Good Reason

It's not enough for your attorney to sell a judge that you want a limited driving permit because you aren't enjoying the inconveniences of taking public transit. A judge would be quick to retort that you should've thought about that before you chose to drive after drinking, and deny your application for this permit. You and your attorney will need to build your application around the necessity of you driving. A common example is that you use your vehicle for your career.

You've Had Previous DUI Arrests

Judges can often be lenient to motorists who have been arrested for DUI for the first time, but their patience quickly wanes for repeat offenders. If you've had other DUI arrests in your past, your attorney's ability to secure a limited driving permit might be difficult. A judge will be apt to suggest that you should've learned your lesson about driving under the influence the first time, and state that not being able to drive this time might be an effective deterrent to keep you from re-offending.

You Were Significant Over The Legal Limit

The amount of alcohol that you had in your system at the time of your DUI arrest can also influence whether a judge will sign off on you getting a limited driving permit. If you were only a little above the legal limit, the judge might accept that you made a mistake and grant you your temporary permit. However, if your blood alcohol was well beyond the legal limit, your probability of getting a limited driving permit is less. This is also true if you have been charged with other driving offenses that related to your DUI charge — reckless or dangerous driving, for example.

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