Building A Solid Defense After A Drug Bust

29 June 2022
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Did you grow up struggling to survive so started selling drugs to make money for your living expenses? If you were busted for selling drugs and know you are guilty, it is still important to hire a defense lawyer. Bring guilty does not necessarily warrant the maximum penalty. There are several factors that should play a role in the sentence you are given in court, and a lawyer will shine a light on your good qualities to impress the judge or jury. You will first need to answer a few questions so a lawyer will know how serious the drug crime is and your criminal history. 

Did You Already Admit Guilt to the Authorities?

When you were taken into custody by the authorities, did you admit to the crime you are charged with committing? Even if you know you are guilty, your chance of avoiding the maximum penalty for a drug crime is greater if you denied committing the crime. However, if you admitted guilt, a lawyer might ask if you were bullied into admitting guilt while being interrogated. Based on your responses to the interrogation officer, a lawyer will build a defense. If you have not been interrogated yet, do speak to the authorities until hiring a defense lawyer.

Where Were You Busted Sell Drugs?

What most drug dealers are unaware of is that the area in which drugs are sold plays a role in a sentence. For example, if you sold drugs within so many feet of a school, your sentence might be longer than if the drugs were sold elsewhere. The reason is that selling drugs near schools such as elementary or middle schools puts the lives of kids at risk. All it takes is for some of the drugs to accidentally fall on the ground for a random kid to find and use them. By knowing where you were busted selling drugs, a lawyer will know how serious your case is.

Were You Charged with Drug Crimes in the Past?

Another question your lawyer will ask is the extent of your criminal background, such as if you have ever been incarcerated for selling drugs before now. If you have a long criminal history, a lawyer can still fight for a minimal sentence. They might use your upbringing and difficult childhood as a defense for your actions. A plea deal can be presented on your behalf that might involve admitting guilt and undergoing counseling for a lighter sentence.

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